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Machinery Dispersal – Johnson Lane Farm, Sheldon, Bakewell 21-07-2023

“Very Large Crowd at Sheldon Dispersal”
Friday 21st July 2023 – Johnson Lane Farm, Sheldon, Bakewell
The sale on behalf of the Fletcher family together with other local vendors attracted a very large crow to Sheldon near Bakewell with support from a wide area including Lincolnshire and North of Birmingham.
There was a good range of cattle equipment in the early lots with prices as follows:

  • Mini Hang On Troughs £16 each
  • Short Bolt In Barriers £85 per pair
  • Slot In Posts To £50 per lot
  • Ring Feeder £165
  • IAE Galvanised Bulk Leg Hopper Feeders To £820 each
  • IAE Heavy Duty Cattle Weigh Crush £1,120
    In the Larger Items:
  • Hydraulic Folding Chain Harrows £630
  • Ken Wootton Twin Axle Drop Side Tipping Trailer £3,250
  • Transport Box £150
  • Old Small Howard Rotivator £280
    The Manitou Telehandler from the farm was a 1995 model and sold with pallet tines at £9,600 with the Fleming 12 Tine Shear Grab (Little Used) sold straight afterwards at £1,150.
    Within the Included Lots there was special entry from Mr George Ampson who was retiring at the age of over 90 years old with the following results:
  • Ferguson 4 Cylinder Diesel Tractor c/w Lambourne Cab £2,360
  • Ferguson 4 Cylinder Diesel c/w Rotavator and Reduction Gearbox £2,620
  • Ferguson Tipping Trailer £500
  • Small Single Leg Subsoiler £300
  • Ferguson T Bar Pick Up Hitch £102
  • Ferguson Ridger £150
  • Ferguson Twin Seats And Drop Tubes for Potato Planter £140
  • Lister Hand Crank Diesel Generator on Trolley £370
    Within the Larger Included Lots:
  • 4 Rotor Rico Fella Mounted Tedder £980
  • Marshall 10 Ton Twin Axle Mono Body Silage Trailer £2,950
  • Stihl D25 Mini Chainsaw £110
  • 4 Rotor Fanex 533 Mounted Tedder £680
    A well supported sale with excellent results.
    Please see website as there are many sales up and coming for the next eight weeks.



Mark Elliott


Farm and dispersal sales, livestock auctioneer