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Machinery Dispersal Report-Chesterfield Farm, Lichfield 29-03-2024

“Pots of Gold at Lichfield Collective Sale”

Despite mother nature creating chaos with rain and mud the Bagshaws team held an extremely successful collective sale at Chesterfield Farm, Lichfield and great thanks to be given to the Moore family and Mr Barker for allowing the event to take place.

There was a superb crowd from as far afield as Gloucestershire and North Yorkshire together with Wales and Cheshire and support on the phone from Ireland for various principal items.

Top call of the day was £55,800 for the New Holland T7.210 4WD tractor c/w MX T Series Loader having been registered in 2019 and with 4,565 hours on the clock.  This very smart tractor was purchased by a local farmer to go straight to work. The New Holland T6.175 Dynamic Command tractors attracted a large amount of interest including Irish buyers and those from the Welsh borders with the first tractor achieving £45,600 and having 2,918 hours on the clock and the second tractor achieving £45,800 with 3,312 hours on the clock.

Within the larger machinery

  • Bailey 20 Ton Contract Bulk Tipper Trailers                                            £16,400
  • Bailey Twin Axle Beavertail Low Loader                                                  £8,800
  • Bailey Tri-Axle Beavertail Low Loader                                                      £9,750
  • Bailey Dropdown Low Loader Trailer                                                        £5,300
  • Hi-Spec 2000 Gallon Single Axle Vacuum Tanker                                 £6,400

There was a large array of included items for the collective part of the sale:

  • Ford 8210 4WD (Irish Plate)                                                                         £10,900
  • HiSun Sector Petrol 550 4×4 RTV                                                                £5,100
  • Daewoo D305 Yard Forklift                                                                          £1,620
  • Yanmar Digger c/w 4 Buckets                                                                     £9,950

A feature of the sale was a small holders dispersal on behalf of a Stafford vendor with:

  • Welgar AP52 Conventional Baler                                                               £850
  • Bamford 58 Baler                                                                                             £240
  • Opico Mounted Chainharrows                                                                   £330
  • Small Mini Tractor Roller                                                                               £500
  • Millcreek Mini Trailed FYM Spreader                                                       £520
  • Mounted Slitter Unit                                                                                       £480
  • Sheep Hurdles                                                                                                   £12 each

Within the larger machinery

  • Jarmet Pan Mixer (oil driven)                                                                      £1,520
  • 8 Tine Grab                                                                                                         £520
  • Conversion Headstock for Telehandler                                                   £380
  • Kuhn FC302 Trailed Mower Conditioner                                                 £3,750
  • Bamford BX9 Conventional Baler                                                               £1,150
  • Ken Wootton Twin Axle Tipping Trailer                                                   £4,600
  • Browns Elephant Trunk Type Wrapped Bale Grab                              £500
  • Quicke Loader c/w John Deere Brackets                                                 £5,400
  • Manitou Maniscopic Handler c/w Front Jack Legs                               £10,000
  • International 440 Conventional Baler                                                      £1,350
  • Bunning Twin Axle Dump Trailer                                                                £3,600

Yet another feature of the sale was a dispersal of livestock equipment from a Yoxall farm which included:

  • Sets of 3 Line Fence Stakes                                                                          £52 per set
  • 9-8ft Galvanised Hurdles                                                                               £210
  • 10-8ft Galvanised Hurdles                                                                            £265
  • 8-6ft Hurdles                                                                                                      £125 per set
  • Heavy Duty Galvanised Gates                                                                     £140 per pair
  • Galvanised Race Section Backing Gate                                                    £190
  • Two-Heavy Duty Galvanised Hang on Hay Racks                                  £90
  • Three-Short Galvanised Hand on Troughs                                              £100 per set
  • Large Box of Galebreaker Units                                                                  £850
  • 10 Tine FYM Grab                                                                                            £780

“A well-attended sale with great results.”-Mark Elliott

Several sales already booked for April with Darley Moor on Friday 19th April 2024 and genuine dispersals already scheduled for May and June.


Mark Elliott


Farm and dispersal sales, livestock auctioneer

Machinery Dispersal Report-Chesterfield Farm, Lichfield