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Machinery Dispersal Report-Meden Farm, Warsop, Mansfield 10-02-2023

“Large crowd at first sale of the season in Nottinghamshire”

Mark Elliott

The Bagshaws team headed out to Meden Farm at Warsop for a 400 lot sale on behalf of the Bowring Family who had ceased active farming.

In the Smaller Lots:

  • Steel Bins                                                                            £30 each
  • Single Phase Dry Plucker Unit                                     £135
  • Small Axle Stands                                                            £24 each
  • Large Axle Stands                                                            £55 each
  • Massey Ferguson Top Link                                           £100
  • Tow Chains                                                                         £66 each
  • East Sab Caddy Mini Mig Welder                               £410
  • TrueCraft Large Workshop Wheel Trolley               £400
  • Clarke 3 Phase 200 Litre Compressor                       £500
  • Pair of Alloy Loading Ramps                                         £400
  • Pair of Front Fenders                                                     £150

In the Field Items:

The Livestock Equipment attracted keen interest with;

  • Small Plastic Water Troughs                                        Up to £45 each
  • Sets of 4 Galvanised Sheep Hurdles                          Up to £100 per set
  • Short Sheep Race c/w End Shedder Gate               £750
  • Galvanised Ring Feeders                                               £150
  • Galvanised Tombstone Ring Feeders to                  £190 each
  • 8ft Galvanised Leg Troughs                                          £160
  • 7 Place Galvanised Bunker Troughs                          £230 each

The IAE Warrior Galvanised Cattle Crush achieved £520 with the IAE Galvanised Covered Calf Creep at £850.

The principal machine in the irrigation equipment was an Irrifrance Optima 1035 Reel which achieved £7,500.

In the Main Machinery;

  • A superbly kept Browns Mounted Hydraulic Folding Tine Harrow made £3,700
  • Lely 240 Classic Mounted Mower                                                                             £2,050
  • International 440 Conventional Baler                                                                      £1,700
  • Kuhn BKE 280 Mounted Topper                                                                                 £3,050

A recently removed Massey Ferguson 975 Loader sold at £4,800. With the farms CTM Trailed Beet Cleaner with Hydraulic Drive at £1,900.

The Spearhead S60 Mounted Hedgecutter had undertaken very little work and was purchased by a Bedfordshire purchaser at £15,600. With the Kuhn EL300 Mounted Rotorvator at £4,100.

The farms Sumo Trio 6 Leg Mounted Subsoiler sold locally at £10,900 with a set of Cousins Contour HZ Ring Rolls £6,300 and the Kverneland E Series Combi Power Harrow Drill at £14,200.

Trailers were a large feature of the sale with;

  • the Ken Wootton Twin Axle Bale Trailer at                           £2,120
  • Marshall 12 Ton Tandem Axle Grain Trailer                          £9,500
  • Fraser 12 Ton Tandem Axle Grain Trailer                               £4,550

And the star of the show a Bailey 14 Ton Grain Trailer c/w Roll over Sheet at £15,900.

In the Tractor Section;

A Case International 956 XL (showing 9,100 Hours on a G Plate) achieved £12,400 with the John Deere 7830 4WD (11’ plate) at £38,600.

Guidance Equipment saw a large throng of potential purchasers with a Starfire 3000 System c/w Screen at £2,080 and a Universal Autotrac System c/w Starfire 3000 Dome, Wheel and Screen at £2,080.

The Manitou Telehandler had been owned from new and was a 741-120 LSU Model c/w Pallet Tines and achieved £23,800 with the 9 Tine Twin Ram FYM Grab at £820 and Strimech Bucket to £920.

The 2007 John Deere 9780 CTS Combine showing 1,662 Engine Hours achieved £45,200 and was sold to a Leicestershire farmer.

The catalogue included various sundry vendor items including a John Deere Gator 855D showing 1,348 hours Registered on a 63’ Plate which achieved a superb £11,750.

Within the Included Paddock;

  • Bailey 28ft Twin Axle Bale Trailer-Immaculate                      £9,450
  • Swaledale Small Quad Trailer (no back door)                        £300
  • Krone Easy Cut 280 Mounted Mower (no conditioner)     £4,100
  • Kuhn Axis 40-1 Twin Disc Fertiliser Spreader                        £5,950
  • Cousins Twin Unit Twin Ring Press                                            £2,050

In the Non-Vat and Collectables

  • Small Pheasant Feeders                                £15 per lot
  • Sack Truck                                                           £35
  • Wooden Magazine Rack                                £50
  • Twin Seat Wooden Bench                             £58
  • Small Mini Compressor                                 £48


Mark Elliott


Farm and dispersal sales, livestock auctioneer

Natasha Hall

Graduate Trainee Surveyor

Meg Elliott

Auctioneer and Valuer, Market Associate