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Machinery Dispersal Report-Melbourne Farm, Bakewell 05-04-2024

“Land Rovers, Masseys and New Hollands Ring the Bell at Bakewell Dispersal”

Mark Elliott

The genuine dispersal on behalf of Mr & Mrs Andrew Bunting at Melbourne Farm, Bakewell saw a wide array of items to be auctioned with several larger machines having undertaken little work.

There was a large crowd and great support particularly from the local fraternity with extended interest from Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, Yorkshire and Cumbria.

In the Smaller Lots:

  • Silage Pit Cover Sheets                                                  £200 each
  • Sets of 4 Galvanised Calf Pens                                    £160 per lot
  • Pairs of Hang On Metal Troughs                                 £110 per lot
  • Single Phase Pressure Washer                                    £320
  • Small Lots of Calf Coats                                                  £135 per lot
  • Sets of 4 Sheep Hurdles                                                 £66
  • Vink Calving Aid                                                                £200

A feature of the sale was the farms own Forster Teknik Calf Feeder c/w Two Stations and Collars which achieved £3,700 to a Staffordshire Calf Rearer. The Hoof Care Cattle Foot Crush c/w Electric Motor Facility achieved £3,000 and the Galvanised IAE Cattle Crush sold at £1,000.

In the Larger Items:

  • Flat Roll                                                                                £500
  • Jarmet 800 Litre Mounted Sprayer                           £1,500
  • Storth Deep Pit Slurry Pump                                        £2,200
  • AS Marston 10 Ton Grain/Silage Trailer                   £3,900
  • Ifor Williams 12ft Livestock Trailer                            £4,500
  • Primex 1650 Single Axle Slurry Tanker                     £4,900

The farms Kramer Allrad 750 Loading Shovel was in order good and achieved £19,300 with the Massey Ferguson 3625 2WD showing 4,529 hours on sale day at £11,000.

There was an excellent range of included items from local farmers including a small holders dispersal on behalf of Mr Bostock of Heage.

  • Short Sheep Race                                                             £300
  • IAE Lamb Weigh Scales                                                  £480
  • Millcreek Mini Land Drive FYM Spreader                £1,820
  • Wolagri R500 Round Baled Combi Wrapper          £5,100
  • Foton Citrax 52hp 4WD Tractor                                  £4,000

The New Holland TM155 4WD showing 4,442 hours from a local farmer achieved £24,000. A retiring Staffordshire Farmers Land Rover 90 on a 64’ Plate, Steel Wheels, 31,000 miles at £24,000.

An extremely well attended sale with very active bidders in spite of the English Spring Weather.

Sales booked throughout April and May for further information see


Mark Elliott


Farm and dispersal sales, livestock auctioneer