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Machinery Dispersal Report-Whitelow Farm 24-11-2021

Fast Trade at Derbyshire Dispersal on Bonsall MoorFast Trade at Derbyshire Dispersal on Bonsall Moor

Mark Elliott

The Machinery dispersal on behalf of Mrs Christine Newton following the death of the late John Newton was held at Whitelow Farm, Bonsall Moor with a large crowd attending from as far afield as Ireland, Harrogate, North Wales and North of Birmingham.

The stars of the show were undoubtedly the Land Rover 90 together with Tractors and there was excellent bidding in all sectors.

In the Smaller lots;

  • 6 Telegraph Poles                                                                                          £370
  • 14 Rolls of 750mm Silage Wrap                                                                    £720
  • Sets of 4 Sheep Hurdles                                                                                Up to £95 per set
  • Twin Galvanised Guillotine Gate                                                                   £200
  • Watson Rectangular Bunker Feeders                                                            Up to £740  

There was a small array of machinery to include;

  •  Teagle Super-Ted 160                                                                                          £950
  • Parmiter Orange Model Post Knocker                                                                  £900
  • Hydraulic Folding Chain Harrows                                                                         £1,000
  • Major 750 Barrel Spreader                                                                                    £1,750
  • Little used Foster Rear Mounted Scraper                                                              £360

The tractors and larger items attracted interest from as far afield as Ireland with the John Deere 2650 (E REG) at £8,000

Massey Ferguson 4445 complete with 940 Loader (05 REG) £16,000

Land Rover 90 – 77,000 miles (11 plate) at a resounding £19,000

Within the included section the Case Maxxum 110 c/w Loader (59 plate)                £21,500

Massey Ferguson 135 (L REG – no power steering – Sirrocco Frame)                        £5,080

Two Wheel Drive Case 885                                                                                         £4,900

Several purchasers had travelled long distances for the few items of Non VAT sundries to include;

  • Low Salting Sink                                                                                                     £160
  • Stone Troughs                                                                                                        Up to £240
  • 17 Gallon original Marked Churn                                                                           £280
  • Housekeepers Cupboard                                                                                        £280
  • Original Fiddle Drill                                                                                                 £65

Please check the website for full details as we still have two sales for the Winter and already six sales scheduled for the New Year up to mid-April 2022.


Mark Elliott


Farm and dispersal sales, livestock auctioneer