Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Thursday Lunchtime Sheep Sale Report for Thursday 6th February 2020 06-02-2020

890 Sheep including 663 Finished Hoggs,127 Cull Sheep & 100 Store Hoggs

663 Hoggs Av 236.46p/kg

Trade up again on last week to tops of £132/Head and 267p/kg. Overall the entry averaged just over £100 per head with all weights in strong demand.

Leading prices:

32.3kg 245p/kg A Mosley, Over Haddon
41.0kg 267p/kg M Shaw, Tideswell
44.0kg 266p/kg J Trueman, Adlington
42.8kg 255p/kg RJG Swift, High Peak
43.9kg 255p/kg WJ Sessions, Hilton
46.8kg 258p/kg J Trueman, Adlington
58.3kg 225p/kg WR & WD Sessions, Trussley


25.5 – 32.0kg To: 250p/kg Average: 236.08p/kg
32.1 – 39.0kg To: 245p/kg Average: 234.10p/kg
39.1 – 45.5kg To: 267p/kg Average: 237.44p/kg
45.6 – 52.0kg To: 258p/kg Average: 222.54p/kg
52kg + To: 225p/kg Average: 214.62p/kg

127 Cull Sheep, Ave £85.71 per head

An excellent trade for all with strong Continentals to £136

100 Store Hoggs, Av £80.92

A flying trade for an entry of generally smaller sorts. Plenty of people looking and a top price of £87 per head.


Ivor Lowe


Property and professional services

Peter Oven

Market Associate