Livestock & Dairy: Bakewell Market

Bakewell Market Report 01-06-2021

Modest numbers for the Tuesday market with 252 Cattle and 565 Sheep on offer, but a decent trade in all departments and every animal changing hands.

There were 175 Store & Breeding Cattle which sold on a very similar trade to last week with Steers to £1,250, Heifers £1,150 and Feeding Bulls £950. The small sample of Breeding Stock included in-calf cows to £1,170.

In the Finished Ring 28 head looked well sold with the best on offer to 224p/kg and £1,419 with 17 Heifers averaging 206p.

There were 31 OTM & Feeding Cows with top figures 176p and £1,394.  The average was respectable at 136.3p.

Only a few calves but plenty of interest, bulls to £395 and heifers £315.

In the Sheep department Spring lambs are coming in bigger lots with 368 on offer.  Top figures 363p and £160.63 with the SQQ average 329.3p.

Just a few Hoggs with the best on offer to 262p and £137.55.

155 Cull Sheep forward with trade holding firm Ewes to £149 to average £106.94.


Forthcoming Market Fixtures

Thursday 3rd June: Lunchtime Sheep Sale, See our Facebook page for special entries.

Friday 18th June: Orange Sale, all enquiries speak to Oliver Hiles on 07801 530899.



Saturday 5th June – Oak Tree Farm, Wysall, Notts

Friday 11th June – Shepherds Farm, Shenstone

Saturday 19th June – Jowett House Farm, Barnsley



31 Barren, OTM and Feeding Cows Overall Average 136.3p

(Auctioneer Oliver Hiles).

Trade very similar to the last few weeks with most buyers present or represented.  Top price was a pure Limousin Cow at 176p or £1175 for R Swindell, Hognaston.  Dairy Cows to 151p for a Monty and 146p for a Friesian for Messrs Walton, Tideswell.

Sample Results:

176p/kg 658kg Lim R Swindell & Sons, Hognaston
162p/kg 504p/kg Lim CG Matkin, Alderwasley
159p/kg 620kg Lim D Fretwell, Woodeaves
151p/kg 648kg Mont J & J Walton & Sons, Tideswell
149p/kg 748kg Hfd JJ Barlow, Dore
149p/kg 682kg AA A Merryman, Dronfield


And Gross Prices:

£1192.80 840kg Fries S Bowler, Idridgehay
£1175.68 668kg Lim R Swindell, Hognaston
£1114.52 748kg Hfd JJ Barlow, Dore
£1102.50 750kg Hfd JJ Barlow, Dore
£1036.60 710kg Fries J & J Walton & Sons, Tideswell
£1016.18 682kg AA A Merryman, Dronfield
£1015.20 720kg Holst WR & W Hayes, Pilsley

28 FINISHED CATTLE – overall average 199.5p (Auctioneer Oliver Hiles)

No showstoppers today but a good solid commercial trade for all cattle on offer.


8 Finished Bulls ave 187p/kg

Sample Results:

210p/kg £1201 Blonde P Watson, Ashover
208p/kg £1185 B Blue A Merryman, Dronfield
203p/kg £1177 Sim P Watson, Ashover


20 Clean Cattle – overall average 204p/kg

Sample Results:

224p/kg £1128 B Blue A Hoggarth, Bamford
218p/kg £1116 AA RM Calcott, Wiggington
216p/kg £1300 Lim WT & HP Grindon, Warslow
214p/kg £1211 Lim WT & HP Grindon, Warslow
214p/kg £1211 B Blue A Hoggarth, Bamford
212p/kg £1199 B Blue J Tavernor & Co, Gt Haywood
211p/kg £1118 Hfd RW & R Walker, Ashgate
208p/kg £1310 S Horn JR & DJ Hollingworth, Ockbrook


STORE & BREEDING CATTLE – (Auctioneer Alastair Sneddon)

Rather a good entry of 175 for a Bank Holiday week ‘Tuesday Market’.  Plenty of grass down and sheep being sheared to make the most of the weather.

Buyers were present in sufficient numbers to ensure trade was maintained at recent levels.

Highlight of the day was without a doubt a pen of Longhorn Heifers from Thoresby Estate, Newark, aged 16-18 mnths and sold in a bunch of 5 they realised £1,160 after very spirited bidding.


There were a few Breeding Stock to start the day which included:

£1120 Lim x Cow, 71 mnths & Str Calf PV Hawkins, Shirland
£1100 B Blue Cow, 74 mnths & Bull Calf DF & A Wainwright, Cold Eaton
£1170 B Blue x Cow, 51 mnths, i/c DF & A Wainwright, Cold Eaton
£820 Sim x Cow, 49 mnths R/W Bull T Brooks, Rolleston
£880 Lim x Cow, 80 mnths MWM Barton, Holbrook


26 Feeding Bulls with examples as follows:

£630 Sim 5-9 mnths LH Powell, Hundall
£950 Sim x 14 mnths P Coward, Kettleshulme
£780 Lim x 7 mnths DAW Clarke, Bar Beacon
£790 Lim 6 mnths Hangram Lane Farm, Sheffield
£590 Hfd 11-12 mnths SG Hollins, Gratwich


 62 Steers

Plenty of interest at all price levels although rather more young cattle in the entry today.

Sample prices include:

£480 B Blue x 6-7 mnths H Dutton Ltd, Thurvaston
£260 Holst 5-7 mnths H Dutton Ltd, Thurvaston
£850 Hfd x 9 mnths JM & CE Shardlow, Trussley
£720 Angus x 7-10 mnths JM & CE Shardlow, Trussley
£730 B Blue x 10-12 mnths T Neville, Tansley
£800 Lim x 13 mnths DE Witham, Wessington
£560 B Blue x 5-7 mnths FM Ottewell & Son, Shottle
£1050 Char 13 mnths AT Richardson, Throwley
£1025 Lim x 13-14 mnths AT Richardson, Throwley
£980 Angus x 24 mnths A & R Alsop, Heanor
£1020 Sim x 20 mnths A Ballard, Alton
£1200 Sim x 22 mnths JJ Higgins & Son, Hemington
£1250 Sim x 24 mnths RWA Thirlby, Seckington
£1090 B Blue x 21 mnths JT & JW Woodfine, Radbourne


65 Heifers

A strong trade for all types with bidders present for all ages and qualities.


Sample Results:

£480 Angus 4 mnths WT & P Fearn, Woolley Moor
£590 Hfd x 14 mnths RP Lawley, Draycott
£535 Blonde x 8-10 mnths FM Ottewell & Son, Shottle
£660 B Blue x 11-12 mnths T Neville, Tansley
£670 Lim x 12-14 mnths J Freeman, Etwall
£775 Lim x 13 mnths DE Witham, Wessington
£790 MRI 14 mnths JW Bassett, Hartington
£1160 LHorn x 16-18 mnths Thoresby Estate, Newark
£680 B Blue x 15 mnths PG & AD Godber, Kimberley
£820 Angus x 20 mnths A Ballard, Alton
£1020 Sal x 26 mnths AE & VJ Parkinson, Osliston
£920 B Blue x 24 mnths B Ryan, Huthwaite
£1000 Sim x 25 mnths RE & J Taylor, Summerley
£1180 Sim x 26 mnths RWA Thirlby, Tamworth
£990 Lim x 24-25 mnths JT & JW Woodfine, Radbourne
£600 Lim x 10-13 mnths DAW Clarke, Bar Beacon


18 CALVES (Auctioneer Ivor Lowe)

Another excellent trade for all types with B Blues seeing bulls to £395 and heifers to £315.

Second quality equally as keenly sought after with plenty of interest also for the Black & Whites with the best of these to a top of £175.


565 Sheep including 410 Lambs & 155 Ewes & Rams

(Auctioneer Peter Oven)

A Bank Holiday entry of 565 Sheep included 368 New Season Lambs.  Demand for the butcher types still very good throughout with a top of 363p/kg and £160.head.  The overall average 329.37p/kg

Leading Prices: –

35.7kg 338p/kg B Lovatt, Stone
37kg 348p/kg JW & RG Ede, Youlgreave
38.8kg 336p/kg R Swift & Son, Little Onn
39kg 330p/kg F Rushton, Pike Hall
40kg 344p/kg JJ Turner, Ashbourne
40.1kg 359p/kg BR & SB Archer, Sutton
40.2kg 358p/kg A & J Gagie, Hilton
40.7kg 347p/kg JJ Turner, Ashbourne
41.3kg 344p/kg RW Beach & Son, Parwich
44.2kg 363p/kg Hazlewood Hall Farm
45.8kg 343p/kg D & S Ede Ltd, Cubley
46kg 338p/kg D & S Ede Ltd, Cubley



Standard To: 348p/kg Ave: 324.2p/kg
Medium To: 363p/kg Ave: 331.6p/kg
Heavy To: 343p/kg Ave: 309.7p/kg

In the Old Season Lambs getting to tail end sorts with meated sorts to 262p/kg average 245.56p/kg top gross £138/head


155 Cull Sheep

A total of 155 Cull Ewes and Rams were and outstanding trade with best Texel ewes for Bernard Archers peaking at £149/head with Andrew Gagie hitting the same price for his two ewes

Cast Ewes       To: £149          Ave: £107.28

Cast Rams       To: £157          Ave: £135.29


Alastair Sneddon

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Oliver Hiles

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Peter Oven

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Ivor Lowe


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