Leek Market Report

A very good trade this week for the Pedigree Dairy sale with 50 head stalled and nearly all of them fresh calved cows & heifers. The best quality cattle are a remarkable trade at present with the 5 best over £2,400. The second quality heifers look better values between £1500 – £1800, generally good heifers but lacking the condition and milk of the higher prices.

Getting the top price today was a trio from the Meldamor herd of the Shepherd family at Bakewell. They sold 2 cows at £2580 & £2500 with their heifer selling for £2400. Brian Needham, Heaton also sold 3 today with his top heifers achieving  £2540 and £2340 with his second calf cow making £2400. Other good heifers sold over £2000.

Next week is the Herd Dispersal of Montbeliarde cows (132 Head) From Buxton Partners, Barlaston. Catalogues now available online.

Machinery Dispersal Report-Maplebrook Farm

The genuine sale on behalf of Graham and Emma Tabberer attracted a large crowd to
Maplebrook Farm where they have farmed for over 40 years. There was an excellent show of
livestock equipment, as well grassland machinery that had seen little use on offer, with
excellent local support along with purchasers from as far as Wales.

The stars of the show were the New Holland T5.105 and Massey Ferguson 5711M along with
the grassland baling equipment.

In the smaller lots;
• Boxes of Grease Cartridges Up to £38
• Ifor Williams Trailer Lock £45
• Bundles of New Ratchet Straps Up to £72
• Tyre Changing Kit £95
• Virtually Unused Hydraulic Top Link £125
• Pallet Tine Extensions £140
• 4 Rolls of 500mm Film Bale Wrap Up to £150
• Honda ESM 2300 Generator £210
• 2 Rolls of Net Wrap £340
• Honda GX340 Petrol Pressure Washer £400
• Steam Cleaner £740

A very well-kept ‘Fuel Proof’ 500 Litre, steel diesel tank with 12v pump and pallet tine slide
facility concluded the smaller lots, achieving an eye watering £1,280 eventually selling to a
local purchaser.

Livestock equipment attracted wide interest and spirited bidding, a reflection of the
quality on offer;

• Heiniger Single Phase Clipper £65
• Bundles of steel 3 Line Fencing Stakes Up to £68
• End Stakes c/w two reals Up to £100
• Galvanised Water Troughs Up to £115
• Mesh Bottom Galvanised Gates Up to £150
• IAE Non-Return Gate £195
• Long Sheep feed barriers Up to £220
A busy season ahead with sales booked throughout September and more.
Check out the website www.bagshaws.com for more details.
• Pairs of Long Sheeted Race Hurdles Up to £220
• WM Sheep Turnover Crate £480
• 3 in 1 Galvanised Feeders Up to £490
• Watson Covered Creep £500
• Bateman Sheep Turnover Crate £555

In the Grassland Machinery;
• Joskin Galvanized Leveling Harrow £980
• John Deere 342 Conventional Baler £1,600
• Welger AP53 Conventional Baler £2,000
• Kuhn GMD 280 Mounted Disc Mower £3,800
• Welger RP435 Round Baler c/w Electric Controls £9,100
• Massey Ferguson RK662TRC Twin-Rotor Rake £10,000

Two Kuhn GF502 4-Rotor Mounted Tedders Year 2015 and 2011, affectionately known by
Graham and Emma as ‘His and Hers’ achieved a pleasing £3,700 and £3,100 respectively.

There was strong demand for Trailer’s;
• Merrick Loggin Tipping Trailer £910
• Single Axle Grain Trailer (Mono-Body) £980
• Ifor Williams Twin Axle High Level Livestock Trailer £1,500
• Ifor Williams LM16 Twin Axle Flat Trailer c/w LED Lights £2,520
• Marshall BC21 Twin Axle Bale Trailer £4,100
• Predator Twin Axle Bale Trailer £5,840

The New Holland T5.105 fitted with Quickie Q4 Loader on a 65’ Plate had undertaken 1319
hours and appeared well maintained, sold to a Cheshire bidder for an outstanding £38,400.
Undoubtedly the star of the show was the 2022 Massey Ferguson 5711 M, having undertaken
just 12 hours and fitted with a Massey Ferguson Branded FL3819 loader, selling for a £50,800.

Within the included items;
• Sorth Galvanised PTO Stirrer £450
• Grays 16 Tine Buckrake £850
• Set of Trailed Discs £1,120
• Browns Post Knocker £1,200
• McCormick MTX 150 Diamond Edition (07’ Plate) £17,300.

A busy season ahead with sales booked throughout September and more.
Check out the website www.bagshaws.com for more details.

Leek Market Report


Herd Tops at £2820gns – Milkers Average £1992

It was a very busy day in the dairy shed on Tuesday which included the sale of the Alsopdale Herd on behalf of Andrew and Joanne Bunting.

The ring was packed from the start with trade setting off at a pace within the commercial section. Regular vendors Michael Wainwright and Andrew Weston each showed three powerful heifers that were very keenly sort after.

Michael topped the day at £2900 for a 28kg heifer heading to Andrew Hulme of Basford who took a second from the same home at £2420. The third reached £2600 to J Bayley of Nuneaton.

Andrew Weston saw his top at £2380 with the other two making £2340 and £2280.

Cows peaked at £2160 from Brian Needham of Rushton for a fresh second calver.

A strong crowd was in attendance for the herd sale no doubt because of the exceptional reputation Andrew Bunting had established at Leek over many years.

Trade for production animals was swift throughout topping at 2820gns for a June calved third calver by Westenrade Jethro to Messrs Bayley of Nuneaton.

A June calved heifer by Attico reached 2700gns to Messrs Dakin of Matlock.  A fresh fourth calver by Carnhill Iota Acer giving 38kg went to Messrs Evans of Shrewsbury.

Young calves were keenly sort after topping at 700gns with In-calf heifers up to 2080gn.

Cows averaged a superb £1992 without calves, £2156 with calves.

Leek Market Report

A good show of stock this Tuesday and some excellent prices achieved throughout. The dairy
section saw the dispersal on behalf of C Jackson & Sons, Butley top at £2160 for a Dairy Shorthorn
An improved trade for lambs this week, seeing the best to 291p/kg and average of 242p/kg & £100.83
per head. Ewes sold well to top at £176. Barrens sold on a strong trade to top at 182p/kg for a Red Poll with black & white’s to 179p/kg. A strong trade for fat pigs with bacon pigs to 181p/kg and plenty over 165p/kg.
Calves were a fantastic trade with some super quality sorts forward seeing a top price of £395 for
Blue bulls and heifers up to £385.
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894)
A strong trade for barrens this week with the best up to 182p/kg for a 705kg Red Poll cow from DA & LM Moss, Rushton Spencer and a 690kg Angus at 179p/kg from MK & DL Griffin, Alstonefield. Black & white’s sold to 179p/kg for a 705kg Holstein from KI & EL Matkin, Alderwasley, with a 655kg Holstein at 174p/kg from B N Capewell & Sons, Gratwich and 174p/kg for a 720kg Holstein from D & PW Kirkman, Alderwasley.
Top prices include;
170p 565kg Friesian – J E Archer & Sons, Hilton
169p 685kg Simmental – J D Alcock, Elkstones
167p 715kg British Blue – IE, M & A Wilson, Hollington
166p 680kg Simmental – J D Alcock, Elkstones
166p 730kg Holstein – B N Capewell & Sons, Gratwich
Overall average of 150.86p/kg or £980.60 per head.
Top headage price of £1283.10 for the Red Poll, with Holsteins to £1261.95; £1252.80 & £1232.40 with Angus’ to £1235.10.
Top price today of 230p/kg twice for a 560kg Angus
Heifer and a 620kg Angus heifer from Home Farm,
Rushton who sold others at 225p/kg for a 580kg Angus.
Friesian bulls sold well, to top at 208p/kg for a 595kg
bull; 207p/kg for a 560kg bull and 197p/kg for a 620kg
Friesian bull, all from J E Archer & Sons, Hilton.
Selling time – 11:30am
Auctioneers – Meg Elliott (07967 007049) & Mark
Elliott (07973 673092)
A mixed quality in the commercial section met a mixed trade with buyers being more particular about their purchases.
Top call went to Michael Wainwright of Buxton at £1950 for a 30kg heifer, he also had a second to £1940.
The trade however for the herd dispersal on behalf of the Jackson family was swift with a large numbers of buyers in attendance.
The Shorthorns in particular were keenly sought after with trade topping at £2160 for a fresh fourth calver
giving 33kg going to Messrs Townsend of Sudbury. A fresh Shorthorn third calver reached £2000. Giving
35kg she went to Messrs Beaver of Allport. Another fresh third calver giving 28kg reached £1920 to Messrs Hillard of Northwich.

Next week we have the sale of the Alsopdale Herd on behalf of the Bunting family, one not to be missed!

PIGS (134);
Selling time – 9:15am
Auctioneer – Graham Watkins (07976 370894).
Another super trade for pigs this week, with the best to 181p/kg for bacon pigs.
Cutters topped the day at 179p/kg for 83kg gilts from Massie Farms who sold others at 174p/kg, 173p/kg & 172p/kg. J & B Fentem sold cutters at 170p/kg, 168p/kg and 160p/kg and Bernard Minshull sold 79kg pigs at 165p/kg. Bacon pigs topped at 181p/kg for 90kg pigs from David Goldstraw, Meerbrook with Massie Farms selling a run of pigs at 177p/kg x2, 175p/kg x2, 174p/kg and 172p/kg.
Bernard Minshull sold 90kg pig at 171p/kg and 86kg pig at 170p/kg.
Heavy pigs sold to 154p/kg for a 141kg pig from Mileburne Charollais Ltd.
Cull sows topped at 124p/kg for a clean gilt from R T Wilson, Oldham an other sows at 93p/kg for a 232p/kg from Messrs Spendlove & 53p/kg for a 184kg sow from Bernard Minshull.
Pork Pigs (9); av 145.09p/kg or £111.07/head
Cutting Pigs (31); av 162.28p/kg or £133.85/head
Bacon Pigs (84); av 156.26p/kg or £143.63/head
Heavy Pigs (3); av 128.45p/kg or £154.14/head
Cull Sows (4); av 58.31p/kg or £129.90/head

Selling time 11:00am
Auctioneer – Robert Watkins (07929 946652)
LAMBS (538);
An improved trade with lambs 15p – 20p up on the week! More numbers required each week to keep up with returning orders please!
Best lambs up to 291p/kg for 39kg lambs from the Williamsons, Wetley Rocks with the best quality a
pleasure to sell, generally 255p +. Heavier lambs also well sought after, seeing 52kg lambs
to 260p/kg for Reg Critchlow, Grindon and top headage price of £137.76
Overall average of 242.24p/kg & SQQ 243.04p/kg.
Average headage price of £100.83 per head.
Sample prices;
268p 38.6kg J B Rowlinson & Son, Gawsworth
262p 36.7kg G M Brown, Leigh
291p 39.1kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
270p 40.2kg S & J Reeves, Grindley
262p 44.5kg S & J Reeves, Grindley
260p 42kg RG & AS Williamson, Wetley Rocks
260p 52kg R J Critchlow, Grindon
256p 49.5kg G Brown, Moddershall
258p 53kg ACA & TJ Ede, Stramshall
258p 52.5kg A L Turnock & Sons, Wincle
246p 56kg L Taylor, Knutsford
A good entry forward sold on a solid trade to top at £176 for Texel ewes. Meated ewes generally £140 – £170 and Mules £80 – £100, leaner ewes £50 – £80.
Overall average of £102.01.
CALVES (120);
Selling time – 10:00am
Auctioneer – Oliver Hiles (07801 530899)
A fantastic show of calves today with quality excellent throughout and trade very strong with buyers out in force.
41 Continental Bulls
Quality good and trade fantastic. A superb run of Blue bulls from Messrs Matkin (10 – 15 days) sold at £395, £370, £350 etc. Chris Ball had £390 for his Blue; Messrs Cotton, Tean had £365 for a Blue; Andrew
Hulme £380 for a Blue. 14 best topped £315; mediums £270 – £300 with a handful of smaller calves under
23 Blues av £274 to £395 – G Matkin & Sons
5 Sims av £277 to £378 – J Gould & Son
12 Lims av £252 to £318 – H Hodgkinson & Sons
1 Char to £330 – H Hodgkinson & Sons
30 Continental Heifers
It was certainly a day to be a seller and a fantastic price for all calves on offer. Messrs Matkin had 3 Blue
heifers (all stunners & 11-13 days) at £385, £380 & £355 with another trio from Messrs Cotton at £315,
£315 & £305. Good calves today generally £240 – £285. Only a handful under £150.
25 Blues av £236 to £385 – G Matkin & Sons
2 Sims av £225 to £285 – TD & DA Higginson
3 Lims av £149 to £252 – F Yates & Son
21 Natives
Strong money today.
8 Hereford Bulls av £214 to £380, £340 & £295 – J & W Knight
3 AA Bulls av £186 to £205 – S M McCleavy
9 Hereford Heifers av £161 to £310 – PN Holdcroft
5 AA Heifers av £114 to £150 – A & HM Hulme & Son
18 Black & White Bulls
Monty’s to £120; Friesians to £108 with smaller sorts
generally £38 – £50 today.
10 Reared Calves
British Blue x Heifer (5mths) £385 – S E Howe
Hereford x Heifer (5mths) £230 – J Sharp
British Blue x Bull (4mths) £105 – H A Smith

Sale of Store & Breeding Cattle
Entries Close Friday 29th July
Next Sale: Saturday 27th August

Breeding Sheep Sale – 11am
MV & Non-MV Sections
Entries Close Friday 29th July

Sale of Store & Breeding Pigs – 10:30am
Followed by Sale of Goats

Dispersal sale of the highly respected ALSOPDALE
Herd (210 Head) on behalf of A & J M Bunting,
Melbourne Farm, Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Monthly Pedigree Sale. Entries Invited.

Dispersal sale of the Entire Herd of approx. 120 mainly
Montbeliardes on behalf of F & E M Buxton &
Partners, Woodeaves Farm, Barlaston, Staffs.

News from the Peak Farmers Group (PFG) Farm Walk with expert speakers: Is it all in the
Our next event will look at understanding how genetics, nutrition and effective husbandry contribute
to a successful livestock system.
The venue will be land and buildings between Tideswell and Litton (SK17 8QN) on Friday 12th August
from 11am -2.30pm, by kind permission of Richard Baker, lunch included.
Farmer and host Richard will lead the walk and give an insight into his farming practices which comprises of a mainly grass-based, paddock system with herbal leys and stubble turnips. He breeds Stabiliser cattle and ‘easy care’ Exlana sheep and has carried out research into genetics and selection.
The PFG also welcomes Dr Claire Whittle and Charlie Mays from LLM Farm Vets. Charlie will be speaking on techniques for improving young stock survival and housing/ventilation while Claire will be talking on how healthy ecosystems mean healthy livestock, on parasite control and how dung beetles are the farmers’ friend!
Please contact us to find out more about becoming a member or to join one of our free events by calling
07483 373 435 or email info@peakfarmersgroup.co.uk.

Machinery Dispersal Report-Measham Collective Sale

“First Bagshaws Measham Collective-Massive Crowd”

Mark Elliott

With close on 250 vehicles including lorries, trucks and trailers in the car park the first Bagshaws Measham Collective saw just under 500 lots on the field and excellent bidding from start to finish.

The sale included several runs of livestock equipment for genuine dispersal from non-vat registered vendors with good support from local vendors.

Farmers and traders travelled from far and wide including Gloucestershire and Yorkshire-a few prices as follows;

  • DTEC Steel Tip Skip                                                          £260
  • Set of 12 McCormick Weights                                     £250
  • Sets of 4 Poultry Feeders                                              £18 per set
  • 110V Makita Grinder                                                      £60
  • Large Lifting Chains                                                         £100 each
  • Qnty Dual Wheel Clamps                                              £210
  • Stihl 039 Petrol Chainsaw                                             £150

In the Livestock Sundries;

  • JFC Green Mini Water Bowls                                       £20 each
  • Mini Galvanised Water Troughs                                 £52 each
  • Hang On Troughs                                                             £35 each
  • Sheeted Doors                                                                  £125 each
  • IBC Tanks                                                                             £28 each

There was a varied array of collectables and antiquities including;

  • Bamford Grinder Mill                                                      £102
  • Gascoigne Pig Scales                                                       £65
  • Bamford No 2 A Grinder Mill                                        £70
  • Long Cast Pig Trough                                                      £210
  • Short Half Round Pig Trough                                        £160

In the larger machinery;

  • Flat 8 Grab                                                                          £100
  • Small Set of Chain Harrows                                          £250
  • Hi-Tip Bucket                                                                     £180
  • Pair of 16.9-R38 Wheels c/w 8 Stud Centres         £360
  • Galvanised Moulton Yard Scraper                                                                                             £200
  • McHale Bale Shear                                                                                                                          £600
  • Kuhn Axis 20-1 Twin Disc Fertilizer Spreader                                                                        £620
  • Marshall Twin Axle 105 Barrel Spreader                                                                                 £1,550
  • Single Axle AS Marston 6 Ton Dropside Tipping Trailer                                                     £3,700
  • Ifor Williams DP120G 12ft Livestock Trailer c/w Demount Body and Decks              £2,400
  • Graham Edwards GET126 12ft Livestock Trailer                                                                   £2,500
  • Ford 3000 Vineyard Model (No Rear Linkage)                                                                      £2,900
  • Massey Ferguson 135 (Old E Reg) c/w Loader                                                                      £3,500
  • Fordson Dexter (No Roll Bar)                                                                                                       £2,050
  • Massey Ferguson 535 Combine c/w 12ft Header and Cab                                               £2,500
  • Case 885 XL 4WD c/w Loader (G Reg)                                                                                      £5,400
  • Case 5140 Maxxum Powershift (L Reg)                                                                                   £7,700
  • JCB 406 Loader Shovel (F Reg)                                                                                                    £4,020
  • Honda TRX 420 4WD Quad (12 Plate)                                                                                      £3,100